Bio Fаrm Poliana

Poliana is a biodynamic farm that produces a variety of ancient grains such as einkorn, black einkorn, black emmer, spelt, rye, wheat, walnuts, almonds, chickpeas, lentils, honey, herbs, milk, wine grapes, etc. We also raise cows, sheep, goats, etc.We are located in the village of Poliana, Strandja mountain, in one of the least populated corners of Europe. Our farming uses biodynamic methods to care for plants, bees and animals. We then process these products to obtain teas, marmalades, syrups, jams, cheese, essential oils, floral waters and living wines. The processing of these products takes place in the region of Borima, at the heart of the Balkan mountains. Our goal is to cultivate plants with strong resistant and immune forces that can be transferred to men. We strive to grow plants in a rich and organic environment, so we can enjoy their taste and many health benefits, all while living in harmony with nature.


Biodynamic farming is a regenerative and holistic approach to agricultural, gardening and food production and processing. It has higher standards than organic agriculture, because it looks at the bigger picture and tries to put back more than it extracts. Biodynamic is the highest organic quality and regarded the most sustainable form of land agriculture. The founder of biodynamic agriculture is the philosopher Rudolf Steiner. In response to the increasingly negative consequences of the use of chemical fertilizers and the monoculture approach, in 1924 Steiner was invited to give a course of lectures in the field of agriculture. shows that agriculture should focus on nourishing the soil, a not on the plant itself. Only in truly living and healthy soil can food grow harmoniously


The Demeter Biodynamic® certification standard was established in 1928 and is managed worldwide by the global organization Demeter International. Demeter International, first established in 1928 and named after the Greek goddess of the harvest and agriculture, is the largest certification organization for biodynamic agriculture. The organization shall verify that the biodynamic products meet international standards for production and processing. Demeter remains the oldest environmental certification organization in the world, active in over fifty countries around the world. Demeter is the brand for certified products from biodynamic farming. The standard has stricter requirements, and farms must meet certain criteria related to the application of biodynamic methods of work and the people who work in it. Demeter Biodynamic® Farm Standard is a complete method for organic farming, which requires the creation and management of a closed system, minimally dependent on external materials and factors, meeting the needs of the living dynamics of the farm itself.

Enjoy the peace, quiet and fresh air

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